Putting Western Australia on the global menu.

Agriculture is one of Western Australia’s most significant export industries, producing safe, sustainable and healthy produce, and representing a significant source of employment for Western Australians.

Promoting the rich bounty of our farms and forests, vineyards, orchards and oceans to key international export markets will increase awareness of Western Australia and its agrifood products, promote the State as a reliable source of premium and safe agrifood products, and help grow our agriculture industry, for the benefit of all Western Australians.

Scale. Purity. Sunshine. Diversity.

Western Australia is one of the oldest lands on Earth.
At just over 2.5 million square kilometres it covers one-third of Australia’s total landmass.
Our unique location has blessed us with a pristine environment, bathed in year round sunshine and tailor made for producing a vast range of safe, premium produce.

2.5 Million
Square Kilometres

Western Australia is the second largest state in the world.

Sunniest State

Endless hours of sunshine helps us produce rich and nutritious food.


A pristine environment tailor made for producing a vast range of safe, premium produce.

Climates and Terrains

Our climate ranges from mediterranean in the south to tropical in the far north.